Refreshing Abita Satsuma harvest beer is great in late summer.

Satsuma Harvest Wit

Late Seasonal Summer Beer
Witbier / Fruit Beer
5.1% ABV
Abita Brewing Company
Abita Springs, Louisiana

Brewers Description of this Harvest Beer:

“Real Louisiana Satsumas, golden wheat, oats and the finest barley create Abita Satsuma Harvest Wit. Pale and cloudy, like the haze on a hot summer day, this white beer has a sweet and subtle citrus flavor with a touch of spice that is cool and refreshing.

Abita Satsuma Harvest Wit is very versatile and can complement a number of dishes. This brew pairs well with salads, fish, shrimp and lobster, as long as the dishes are not too spicy. Thai dishes, which often have citric notes in their flavor profile, would also perfectly compliment the orange flavors in Abita Satsuma Harvest Wit.”

Seasonal Satsuma harvest beer from Abita is released in late summer.

Our Review:

Tasting Satsuma summer harvest beer was a pleasant surprise. The pour was a very cloudy tangerine color with a strong citrus, flowers, and banana perfume, which perfectly complemented the flavor. The beer consisted of a great balance with multiple layers finding the pallet. This beer is infused with so much citrus flavor that it could be considered a fruit beer. However, unlike some fruit beers, the fruit components of Satsuma do not overwhelm the natural wheat essence of the beer.

One of the best summer beers, this craft beer is perfect for that lazy hammock nap taking day.