Why Summer Beer:

Summer has long been our favorite season. Short sleeve shirts, shorts, and flip-flops become our standard attire. Trips to the pool, lake, or beach are frequent.  We cook most of our meals on the grill and fresh vegetables and fruits are plentiful. Friends and neighbors come out from hibernation resulting in spontaneous social gatherings. Professional baseball games are on television most every day. All of these contribute to a more relaxed and casual atmosphere than any other time of the year. Summer beer reviews enhances that experience.

summer beers are crafted in a myriad of styles.

Huge selection of new seasonal summer beer reviews.


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This sites has been designed to provide you with:

  1. A comprehensive list of summer beers
  2. A review of each new summer beer
  3. Summer beer recommendations
  4. A list of great summer music to enhance your experience

About Our Summer Beer Reviews:

The taste of beer is subjective. Some like tart beers. Some hoppy beers. Others sweet fruit beers. Many people like virtually all variations of craft and summer beer. Still, others don’t like beer at all. Weirdos.

Initially we started grading the beers we review. We have since ceased that practice, and now simply provides notes about our experience. Our readers may or may not concur. Either way, you are encouraged to add your comments at the bottom of each feature.

All posts are original and are written by Summer Brew Review.


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  1. Mary Kay Rike

    I have a question, I have celiac disease and I love drinking beer. I have found that Summer Shandy is the only one that does not affect me. Of course, I found out close to the end of the season for summer shandy and I was able to buy a couple of cases. If there anywhere that you sell it longer then you do in Ohio. I would like to have it if possible year around since it is the only one I can tolerate. Please advise.

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