Get your groove on with our huge list of summer music. These are our favorite beach songs that will keep you moving all season long. Most of the summer songs compiled have a very literal tropical or beach vibe. We started our summer music list with artists like Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, Kenny Chesney, and the Beach Boys. The list kept growing with other summer songs that took us on vacation. So, without further delay, here is our summer playlist. Enjoy.

Summer Music List

Enjoy the best summer music list of beach songs mix tape.

Others that are not on Spotify:

Honolulu Baby
Ka’au Crater Boys

Guava Jelly
Ka’au Crater Boys

Waiting In Vain
Ka’au Crater Boys

Aue Te Nehe Nehe
Ka’au Crater Boys

Tropical Hawaiian Day
Ka’au Crater Boys

Ka’au Crater Boys

Opihi Man
Ka’au Crater Boys

Big Island Surfing

We hope you enjoy all of the summer songs list. We love suggestions for additional songs for summer at the beach, lake, or tropical party.

You may also want to listen to our Pandora Station while you take a look around.

Summer music for on the beach or around the pool.

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