SunRyes from Weston is a summer rye beer.

O’Malley’s SunRye’s Ale

Seasonal Summer Beer
Rye Beer
?% ABV
Weston Brewing Company
Weston, Missouri

Brewers Description of this Summer Rye Beer:

“O’Malley’s SunRye’s Ale is the perfect beer drinker’s summer brew. Not a watered down seasonal substitute, SunRye’s offers a complex combination of the golden malts and gives the smoothest finish yet. It’s about time summer had a real beer.”

Enjoy Weston SunRyes summer rye beer on the beach.

Our Review:

O’Malley’s SunRye’s Ale is copper in color with a head that takes a few minutes to deflate producing a pleasant peach-like scent that teases the nose. After a neutral pull, the beer reveals malt and rye flavors with a unique paste-wash character. The beer is a little tart toward the finish with a bready sensation that lingers way past swallowing.

SunRye’s Ale summer rye beer is enjoyable, but may not possess the refreshing qualities of some other summer beers.