Hunny Do summer craft beer is a great wheat beer for the season.

Hunny Do

Seasonal Summer Craft Beer
Wheat Beer
4.8% ABV
Third Street Brewhouse
Cold Spring, Minnesota

Brewers Description of this Summer Craft Beer:

GET IT DONE! Nothing on the on-going “hunny do” list getting crossed off? That’s when your “hunny do” list becomes more of an “I’ll do it myself” list and then…BOOM…done! Time to enjoy a real Hunny Do (one that doesn’t make you cringe) – a refreshing wheat beer with a crisp honey dew melon flavor. A hazy wheat that’s subtly sweet! You’ve earned it!

Hunny Do is a fantastic wheat summer craft beer.

Our Review:

Hunny Do is a delightful wheat beer that produces an aroma decorated with honey, lemon, and wheat. Tasting the hazy blond liquid commences with a mild lemon tartness followed by the infusion of wheat. All flavors are mild and really do not mature past the initial introduction. However, this keeps the beer simple, refreshing, and very pleasing to the palate.

Enjoy Hunny Do summer craft beer under the hot sun or under the stars watching the kids catch fireflies.