Slingshot American Lager is a genuine summer beer.

Year Round Beer
Summer Craft Lager
5.3% ABV
Shmaltz Brewing Co.
Clifton Park, New York

Brewers Description of this Summer Craft Lager:

“Take hold of Shmaltz’s newest year-round offering, and American Craft Lager thoughtfully created to stand up to the big beer Goliaths of the world. Boasting a bright, citrusy hop aroma, supported by touches of wheat and rye, Slingshot is guaranteed to strike the craft beer bullseye every time.”

Slingshot summer craft lager from Shmaltz Brewing.

Our Review:

Slingshot American Craft Lager’s gilded complexion is topped with a hastily fleeing head. A moderately sharp pull coupled with modest carbonation flaunts a delicate orangish identity. At maturity, the beer concludes at a marginally sweeter position.

Don’t be sorry. Play your cards right to score a Slingshot this summer. This is a superb summer craft lager.