Bavik Pils Belgium Summer Beer is a light pilsner beer.


Year Round Beer
5.2% ABV
Brouwerij Bavik

Brewers Description of this Belgium Summer Beer:

“The Bavik Premium Pils is brewed with the best malt and hop. This beer is at its best served cool.”

Bavik Pils is a Belgium summer beer.

Our Review:

This beer displays a transparent straw color with a little haze with an almost undetectable aroma. Like a pilsener should be, this beer is fresh, clean, light, and easy to drink. It has a semi-sweet beginning with a slightly tart aftertaste.

Bavik Pils should be a summer beer that appeals to a wide range of people. So, it is a safe universal beer for a summer party. The beer, much like a house wine, is good but there is nothing unique and overly impressive.

Drink Bavik Pils on a hot hot summer day or keep on hand for an alternative to bold craft beers for less adventurous friends.