Newcastle Summer Ale is an English summer beer.

Newcastle Summer Ale

Seasonal Summer Beer
English Bitter
4.4% ABV
Caledonian Brewery
Edinburgh, UK

Brewers Description of Newcastle Summer Ale:

“Don’t let its light, golden-yellow color fool you. Our Summer Ale packs a secret punch that’s just as bold as it is refreshing. It’s crisp with a touch of caramel, medium sweet in the middle, with a deliciously dry, hoppy finish that’s just the thing for a warm summer’s day. Or any time you’re feeling summery, really.

The ‘Hoppings’ reputedly the largest travelling fair in Europe, takes place on Newcastle Town Moor every June. Several origins have been suggested for the name. It may derive from the word ‘Hoppen’ an Old English word for dancing or funfair. It has even been suggested that people ‘hopped’ about itching due to fleas caught from animals that travelled with the fair. However, we’d like to think it may relate to the quality hops used in the brewing of our famous beer. Enjoy Newcastle Summer Ale at the fair or wherever you are this summer.”

Enjoy Newcastle Summer Ale English Bitter this season.

Our Review:

Light malt and grain aromas rises from a poured Newcastle Summer Ale which sits with a one-finger head capping the clear copper liquid. Tasting exposes a light bodied beer with medium carbonation lead by a hoppy bitterness. This beer has an earthy undertone that manifests into a malty wash on the swallow leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Newcastle Summer has too many good competitors to be the first summer beer selected to conclude a hot August day. On the other hand, if you are looking for a little diversity in your summer beer diet, give Newcastle Summer Ale a try.