Stealin Time Summer pool beer from Magic Hat.

Stealin’ Time

Seasonal Summer Beer
American Pale Wheat Ale
5.5% ABV
Magic Hat Brewing Co.
South Burlington, Vermont

Brewers Description of this Summer Pool Beer:

“‘Stealin’ time… ain’t a crime’, she laughs, the hot hazy sun glinting in her sunglasses as she reclines on the contour of a low knoll. Her head falls back with her ginger locks mingling with the tips of the green grass. With a flick of a finger, she pushes her shades down, an eyebrow rises and a sly smile parts her painted lips. ‘Stay the summer’, she says with a wink. ‘We’ll have the joint to ourselves.'”

Stealin Time pale wheat summer pool beer is from Magic Hat Brewing.

Our Review:

Stealin Time’s vibrant complexion twinkles in the midday sun as the halcyon head issues a floral perfume. Tasting commences with a poetic lemony wheat tone chased by a slap of ginger.

Hit the pause button on life, and pick up a Stealin’ Time. Lift the tab of the durable beer can to dispense, or drink it right from the source. It’s a glorious light summer pool beer for an afternoon of cannonballs.