Summit Summer Ale is a great seasonal beer.

Summer Ale

Seasonal Summer Beer
4.9% ABV
Summit Brewing Co.
St. Paul, Minnesota

Brewers Description of Summer Ale:

“This highly drinkable session beer is made for sunny days and long nights. With a crisp, clean bitterness appealing to casual and serious beer drinkers alike. The refreshing fruity and floral hop aroma is a pleasant reminder to savor the season while you can.

Summit Summer Ale is a drinkable seasonable beer.

Our Review:

Summit’s Summer Ale is a great daytime beer. It’s delicate yet invigorating aroma is abundant with fresh hops and a touch of lemon. The radiant gold liquid hosts a parade of small bubbles rising from the bottom with minimal lacing on top. Consuming discloses a moderately tart pull that really has bite. From that point the light bodied beer remains fairly consistent with little evolution or discovery.

Grab a Summer Ale in the afternoon heat for a brief rejuvenating hiatus.