Brooklyn Sorachi Ace beer is a great summer Farmhouse Ale.

Sorachi Ace

Year Round Beer
Saison / Farmhouse Ale
7.2% ABV
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, New York

Brewers Description of this Summer Farmhouse Ale:

“Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is sunshine in a glass, a shining example of the versatility of one of the world’s most intriguing hops. This beer is a superstar at the table, and we enjoy it with seafood dishes, fresh cheeses, poultry, barbecue, and even tomato-based pasta sauces. All by itself it puts on a great solo performance too, and we can honestly say that you’ve never tasted any beer quite like it. Go ahead, pour yourself some sunshine.”

Scorachi Ace from Brooklyn Brewery is a summer farmhouse ale.

Our Review:

Sorachi Ace resembles a glass of chardonnay with a frosted head. It releases a motley, yet pleasing, aerial bazaar that can be vaguely identified as pine, banana, and skittles. Tasting is initially tepid with a bready start. Lemon soon joins the choir, accompanied by a hint of caramel apple and pepper toward the back. This medium bodied brew also possesses an alcohol undertone, which does not detract from the experience.

Overall, Sorachi Ace farmhouse ale is a score, and is a fine beer for unique summertime enjoyment. Pair with a spicy meal for a invigorating alternative.