Leine Berry beer is fruity.

Berry Weiss

Year Round Beer
Fruit Beer
4.8% ABV
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Brewers Description of Leinenkugel Berry Beer:

“Brewed with a flavor blend of real Logan, Elder and Blackberries”

Enjoy this summer berry beer this season.

Our Review:

Berry Weiss is original right from the start. The summer berry beer is pink. It has a solid stagnant head that produces a light berry smell. Tasting the beer offered another surprise. Shortly after Berry Weiss passes the lips, it engulfs the mouth with sweetness. At one point during the tasting there is a semi-tart sensation, like lemonade. But the sugary sweetness soon regains control. There is a faint foggy sense of a berry flavor, but very faint.

Berry Weiss is far to sweet which kills it’s beerness. Most will either love or hate this beer. There is no middle ground.

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