Shipyard summer Melon beer from Maine.

Melon Beer

Summer Seasonal Ale
Fruit Beer
4.4% ABV
Shipyard Brewing Company
Portland, Maine

Brewers Description of this Summer Melon Beer:

Melonhead (AKA Melon) is a crisp, quenching wheat ale with the refreshing essence of fresh watermelon.

This medium bodied beer has a sweet watermelon nose balanced by a light malty yet refreshing finish. A perfect choice for a warm summer day.

Shipyard handcrafted summer Melon beer is the tops.

Our Review:

It is obvious that Shipyard’s Melon beer was crafted for summer afternoons. This portable beauty has a crisp buoyancy that energizes the intellect. Distinct watermelon aroma climbs the walls of a well-poured glass. A sweet reception is perfectly balanced with a semi-tart back and dry finish. Watermelon is perpetually present, but not overpowering.

Lift a glass of Shipyard Melon beer, toasting the glorious summer.