Sandy is a hoppy wheat Missouri beer with a summer twist.

Sandy (retired)

Seasonal Summer Beer
American Pale Wheat Ale
4.8% ABV
Mother’s Brewing Company
Springfield, Missouri

Mother’s Description of this Missouri Beer:

“This hopped-up unfiltered wheat pays tribute to our founder’s mothers, Sandy. The spirit and malt bill of a Belgian Witbier fused with the hop and soul of an American Pale Ale, with just a touch of grapefruit zest, make Sandy subtly complex yet refreshingly crisp.”

Mother's Sandy is a great summer Missouri beer for around the water.

Our Review:

Mother’s Sandy is burnt orange in color with a thick frothy crown. Intertwined scents of hops, wheat, and citrus rise from the surface. Tasting unveils a wheat base coupled with hops and spices. The hops grow in strength, increasing the overall tartness. A malty sweetness keeps the flavors in check toward the conclusion.

Sandy is a very pleasurable beer to consume during the hot summer months. Stock your fridge with few Sandy and you will not be disappointed.