Islamorada Sandbar Sunday beer.

Sandbar Sunday Beer

Year Round Beer
American Wheat Beer
4.75% ABV
Islamorada Beer Company
Islamorada, Florida

Brewers Description of this Sunday Beer:

“A perfectly crafted American Wheat Ale, that gives your fun in the sun day and everyday the drinkability it’s always needed.  Just add a key lime and this brew is perfectly paired with light seafood & poultry. The American hop varieties will impart a mild spice note and a subtle island citrus character. Great to pair with your catch of the day.”

Sandbar Sunday beer from the Florida Keys.

Our Review:

There is no better place to enjoy a summer beer than the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. Sandbar Sunday beer is paradise in a bottle. This solid refreshing wheat beer has been kissed by the sun. After pouring, the head quickly evaporates with all of your worries, and drinking is smooth and clean with a touch of citrus.

Have you ever wondered why there are seven days in a week and beer is sold in six packs? Which day is omitted. One thing is certain according to the Islamorada Beer Company, it’s definitely not Sunday.

Find your sandbar this summer.