Funnel Cake beer cream ale from Forgotten Boardwalk.

Funnel Cake Boardwalk Ale

Year Round Beer
Cream Ale
5.5% ABV
Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Forgotten Boardwalk’s Description of Funnel Cake Beer:

“Creamy and smooth with hints of vanilla. Made with lactose (milk sugar) and real Madagascar Vanilla Beans.”

Summer Funnel Cake beer is a cream ale from Forgotten Boardwalk.

Our Review:

The approach to Funnel Cake beer is not without hesitation. Most will take pause to contemplate, “Am I really about to drink a beer that tastes like a funnel cake?” A hazy yellow pour awakens the agitated head, spawning a delectable Nilla Wafer cloud lined with faint hops. Tasting emerges with a semi-sweet commencement which progressively discovers a tart equilibrium. A denser, yet creamier, posterior incorporates savory vanilla into a cookie dough finish.

Forgotten Boardwalk certainly took and successfully executed an outside-the-box concept. Funnel Cake is not a gimmick. This summer beer is not a liquid funnel cake (you wouldn’t want that anyway), but is a cream ale that does incorporate the essence of it’s namesake into the experience.