Rock Point from Mendocino is a summer seasonal beer.

Rock Point

Seasonal Summer Beer
Session IPA
4.5% ABV
Mendocino Brewing Co.
Ukiah, California

Brewers Description of this Summer Session IPA:

Rock Point Session IPA is an ale that melds the full bodied, hop flavors of potent India Pale Ale with the easy drinkability of a much lighter beer. Columbus, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops merge to give this beer a torrent of citrusy flavor counterpointing the vivid hoppy aroma. Layered beneath the heady hop presence, lies a light, toasty malt background created by using Pale, Wheat, Carapils, and Caragold malts.

Rock Island Session IPA summer beer is refreshing.

Our Review:

Rock Point session IPA emits an exalted turmeric color garnished with a slim compact head. A sweet grass aroma permeates the surround. Tart hops construct the foundation as toasted malts and ground spices contend for attention. A soft touch of orange peel adjourns the event.

Score a pack of Rock Point IPA for your excursion to the shore. Even if you stay home you will enjoy this revitalizing summer beer.