Silver City's Ziggy Zoggy Summer Zwickelbier for the pool.

Ziggy Zoggy

Seasonal Summer Beer
Zwickelbier (lager)
5% ABV
Silver City Brewery
Bremerton, Washington

Brewers Description of this Summer Zwickelbier:

“Bright and vibrant beer for summertime celebrations! This Zwicklerbier, an uncommon style, is an unfiltered lager that balances crisp and elegant honey-like malt flavor with assertive, classic German hop character.”

Ziggy Zoggy summer Zwickelbier is from Silver City Brewery.

Our Review:

A matted blue metallic can delivers the sensational summer Zwickelbier named Ziggy Zoggy, named after a German drinking song that famously chants “Ziggy Zoggy, Ziggy Zoggy. Oy! Oy! Oy!” After pouring, a solid head floats above the luminous liquid and a floral bouquet entices the nose. Each sip begins with a clean pull that builds to a nice full back with an oaty undertone and gentile dry finish.

Pack some cold Ziggy Zoggys for a victorious summer expedition.