Enjoy Thailand beer with Phuket lager island beer.


Year Round Beer
Pale Lager
5% ABV
San Miguel

Brewers Description of this Thailand Beer:

“A unique boutique premium beer brand understood immediately by those who know the paradise island of Phuket as a “tropical getaway”.

A moment of blissful escape … Fresh, clean & exotic, Phuket beer is renowned for its extremely refreshing crisp taste which comes from the unique use of fragrant Thai jasmine rice. Relax, you’re on Phuket time!”

Phuket Thailand Beer from the South Pacific.

Our Review:

Phuket is relatively bland. It poured with almost no head. The clear yellow-tint beverage produces a skunky aroma. Phuket Thailand beer is low in carbonation and flavor. It has no distinction. If you travel to Thailand and have the opportunity to drink a Phuket on the beach, maybe the result is different. Otherwise, it’s not the best.