Magic Hat Dream Machine summer IPL brew this season.

Dream Machine

Year Round Beer
India Pale Lager (IPL)
5.7% ABV
Magic Hat Brewing Co.
South Burlington, Vermont

Brewers Description of this Summer IPL:

“Currents flow through lips, swim through limbs, lines of spine, and loop back ’round again, coming to rest in the comfort of your mind. Dream Machine whirrs, something stirs and the ether swirls with visions and dreams, reminding us that nothing in our minds must be what it seems.”

Take a ride on the Dream Machine summer IPL beer.

Our Review:

During the brewing process, Dream Machine enjoys the cold fermentation of a lager. It is then aggressively hopped way beyond the standard style. The result is an uncommon, yet not unprecedented, India Pale Lager. The honey colored pour generates a big frothy head and scents of hops, clove, and banana. Tasting unveils an unexpected creamy front pursued by gentile malts. A sharp hop tart punch concludes the affair.

Encounter the Dream Machine this summer and find yourself marveling at it’s splendor. Enjoy the rare summer IPL style with spontaneous rejuvenation.