Ska Mexican Logger is a craft summer beer version of a standard Mexican lager.

Mexican Logger

Seasonal Summer Beer
4.2% ABV
SKA Brewing
Durango, Colorado

Brewers Description of this Craft Summer Beer:

“Hardworking refreshment. Some beers work a litter harder than others for your enjoyment. This one chops down trees all day for it. The perfect Mexican lager. Light and refreshing, it really hits the spot.”

Mexican Logger craft summer beer from Ska Brewing.

Our Review:

Mexican Logger is obviously similar in style and flavor to popular authentic Mexican lagers. The craft beer is light in color common to a standard lager. It has a sweet beginning with a mild tartness. The elevated carbonation awakens the taste buds. Mexican Logger is very clean and an upgrade to any true Mexican lager.

Kick back on the deck, grab and Mexican Logger craft summer beer, and enjoy. This is a great afternoon for a summer beer.