Estival Cream Summer Stout from SKA Brewing.

Estival Cream Stout

Summer Beer
Seasonal Summer Stout
5.8% ABV
SKA Brewing Company
Durango, Colorado

SKA’s Description of this Summer Stout:

“It’s a grown-up version of one of your favorite childhood memories. It has a medium body punctuated by notes of coffee and dark chocolate. You can stop waiting for the ice cream truck, summer’s here.

SOUL MATES A sweet stout brewed with milk sugar and orange blossom honey. A great dessert beer, or try it with shellfish and a fresh summer salad.

It’s the subtle citrus flavor from the orange peels balanced against the sweetness of the honey that make this brew a refreshing and satisfying summer treat.”

SKA Brewing offers Estival Cream Summer Stout.

Our Review:

Pouring this midnight black summer stout into a clear snifter is counter to what this season typically demands. Similar to Merlot wines, stouts are commonly heavy with flavors that embrace a much cooler time of year.

This particular stout presents aerial notes of coffee, tobacco, and orange. Again, not a convincing summer refresher. All becomes revealed when the first sip is taken. A rich creamy front prepares way for a polished medium bodied beer. A barrage of flavors unfold, including chocolate, orange, and vanilla. This summer stout is not overly sweet, and is consistently smooth from beginning to end.

This summer stout proves that not all dark beers need to be saved until Fall. Enjoy this brilliant masterpiece to conclude a long hot day. Seriously.