Tallgrass Halcyon is a perfect craft summer beer.

Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat

Craft Summer Beer
American Pale Wheat Ale
5.0% ABV
Tallgrass Brewing Co.
Manhattan, Kansas

Brewers Description of this Craft Summer Beer:

“Halcyon is an unapologetic American-style wheat beer with a taste like the finest days of summer. We start with raw Kansas white wheat to give it a nice “wheaty” character, but it’s the hops that give this beer its shine. We use “hop-bursting” of Citra hops late in the brewing process, giving Halcyon a mix of tropical fruit aromas delicately underpinned by a velvety smoothness.”

Halcyon from Tallgrass is an American pale wheat ale craft summer beer.

Our Review:

The appearance of Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat is a hazy straw color. It has an attractive medium strength peachy hops aroma.  Upon drinking, Halcyon is initially introduced as a pretty standard wheat. However, after a second or two in the mouth the identity becomes tart like that of an ale. The mellow carbonation does add to the overall experience. Each taste concludes with a nice clean finish.

Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat craft summer beer is cool and refreshing for a day on the river or cleaning gutters.