Big Sky Summer Honey beer emerges in the warm season.

Summer Honey

Seasonal Summer Beer
Blonde Ale
4.7% ABV
Big Sky Brewing Company
Missoula, Montana

Brewers Description of Summer Honey Beer:

“When the days get longer and the air gets warmer, we get outside quite a bit. And we build a big thirst. Summer Honey helps us shake off the winter and slakes our thirst for a refreshing brew.

Summer Honey is a full-flavored summer seasonal ale. Brewed with a unique, balanced blend of spices, Northwest Hops, and Montana honey. Summer Honey is brewed during the early days of spring and released around the first of May each year. Light colored, light bodied, and very drinkable, Summer Honey sacrifices nothing to create a flavorful beer that can be enjoyed during the height of the Summer.”

Summer Honey beer is designed to refresh during the season.

Our Review:

Summer Honey beer has a cloudy golden color with a light head. The aroma presents modest honey. The first taste produces really nice sweet honey and light tartness with a wonderful balance of flavors. The honey was not too overpowering as happens with others. The mouthfeel is pleasurable and drinks easily.

Summer Honey can serve as an afternoon or evening brew and would hold up well to food. Impressive.