Horny Goat Tango Delta tangerine summer beer.

Tango Delta

Year Round Beer
Tangerine IPA
6.8% ABV
Horny Goat Brewing Co.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brewers Description of this Tangerine IPA:

“This citrus bomb starts off as a light bodied IPA brewed with craft hops and malts.  It then goes all renegade on your palate, with the addition of fresh tangerine juice that adds a slight sweetness to complement the bold hop presence.”

Tango Delta is a tangerine IPA summer fruit beer.

Our Review:

A medley of tropical fruit scents rise from the summit of a freshly poured orange-yellow Tango Delta. Tangerine is the discernible catalyst in all aspects of this experience. Tart hops provide ballast to the tangerine sweetness. A creamy finish provides contributes closure to a light bodied summertime refresher.

Indulge your senses with a great tangerine IPA summer beer. Tango Delta is delectable treat on a balmy afternoon.