Summer of Lager from Cisco is a great summertime beer.

Summer of Lager

Seasonal Summer Beer
5.6% ABV
Cisco Brewers
Nantucket, Massachusetts

Brewers Description of this Seasonal Lager:

“A light lager released at the beginning of the summer when Nantucket is just getting it’s groove on! It’s a classic Bavarian style lager with a delicious malt palate and an assertive noble hop finish. Hints of citrus give this lager a light, refreshing flavor perfect for hot summer nights.”

Drink Cisco's summer seasonal lager to enjoy a sunset.

Our Review:

On top of the pale orange Summer of Lager rests a good hearty head producing fragrant notes of grapefruit, apple, and hops. Starting with a crisp semi-tart draw, this light bodied summer seasonal lager incorporates light citrus hops and medium carbonation. Even though Summer of Lager is pretty level from front to back it does become slightly more tart at the conclusion with some noticeable malt.

Overall, Summer of Lager is not overly unique, but very refreshing and satisfying.