Pulp Fusion is a Summer Orange IPA beer.

Pulp Fusion

Year Round Beer
6.7% ABV
Boulder Beer Company
Boulder, Colorado

Boulder’s Description of this Summer Orange IPA:

“Pulp Fusion Blood Orange IPA blends the beauty of an IPA with vibrant citrus flavor from the juice of blood oranges. It shines with a bright, golden color and finishes smooth without lingering bitterness. This commingling of aromatic hops and zesty blood oranges is a blood bath of citrus flavor! Pairs well with a Royale with Cheese.”

Boulder Pulp Fusion orange IPA is a great summer beer.

Our Review:

Swimming atop a light amber pool is a frothy head which liberates a hop strong aroma woven with luscious orange nectar. An effervescent semi-sweet draw rouses the senses. Preceded by tepid spices, blood orange barbarically seizes the helm. A modest malt provides a gratifying dry finish.

The prospect of ending one’s day with a refreshing Lost Dune summer orange IPA should be ample encouragement to finish well. Enjoy.