The recent spontaneous mass genesis of breweries around the country reflects the increased enthusiasm for flavorful craft beer. This renaissance has provided names and faces to the beers Americans are drinking. Fresh local beer can now be obtained directly from the source, and summer beer growlers are the preferred means of transportation.

A Portland Summer Beer Growler is the absolute best way to drink fresh and local.

Summer Beer Growler

Increased regular use by both consumers and homebrewers has catapulted the aspiration for high-quality handsome growlers over the standard issue glass variety. The Portland Growler Company addresses that appetite with hand-crafted 32- and 64-ounce practical yet captivating designer ceramic masterpieces. Portland Growler offers several designs and finishes, each exemplifying the exquisite artistry that is required to forge.

Travis from Torn Label Brewing graciously filled our summer beer growler with “Monk & Honey” on a sweltering July afternoon. Later that evening we anxiously opened the seal, poured, and savored our well preserved summer beer. If necessary, beer can remain fresh for up to six days in an unopened growler.

A beautiful summer beer growler is crafted from designer ceramic.

Growlers encourage community. Introduce yourself to area brewers and bring home a summer beer growler to share with your neighbors.

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