Nonstop Hef Hop is a summer wheat beer.

Nonstop Hef Hop (retired)

Year Round Beer
Session Wheat Beer
3.9% ABV
Hopworks Urban Brewery
Portland, Oregon

Brewers Description of this Summer Wheat Beer:

“Nonstop Hef Hop is the newest year-round beer in Hopworks portfolio. This low-alcohol, dry-hopped American-Style Wheat beer was created for drinkers who maintain active lifestyles. The beer clocks in at just 3.9% ABV and has the feel of a NW Pale Ale in body and flavor, but without the extra weight and alcohol. Nonstop Hef Hop is brewed with a variety of organic NW hops, organic malted barley, and red spring wheat grown on the Hopworks estate farm on San Juan Island.”

onstop Hep Hof summer wheat beer will keep you active.

Our Review:

Nonstop Hef Hop, on paper, has all of the qualities one looks for in a summer wheat beer. Most obvious is the low ABV, at 3.9%. Also, multiple 16 ounce can designs display athletic people targeting an active lifestyle. In the end, Nonstop Hef Hop does prevail as a successful, high quality, enjoyable summer beer. The experience engages with a rich, hazy tangerine pour combined with an orange peel perfume. Initially tart on the lips, a light wheat base takes focus. The malty back result in a dry conclusion.

This summer wheat beer is a good traveling companion. It has great charisma and pairs well with an active summer.