Summer seasonal beer Hayseed from Smuttynose Brewing.


Seasonal Summer Beer
Farmhouse Ale / Saison
3.8% ABV
Smuttynose Brewing Co.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Brewers Description of this Summer Seasonal Beer:

“Hayseed is our new summer seasonal offering. It is a delicious sessionable farmhouse ale, also known as a grisette. Light-bodied, yet flavorful, Hayseed is like liquid sunshine: perfect after a hike, floating in the lake, or while playing fetch with your old brown dog.”

Hayseed summer seasonal beer is a Farmhouse Ale.

Our Review:

A glass of Hayseed filters the sun through a pale yellow lens. The frothy head promptly departs bestowing a hoppy lemon peel incense. Tasting reveals a light-bodied lemon tart resolve consistent from front to back. The overall tenor is not overly complex, but is exceptionally smooth and refreshing.

Hayseed summer seasonal beer is crafted to appeal to most segments of the beer drinking population. Invite neighbors for dinner and offer them a cold Hayseed.