Fish Tale Blonde Ale is a great organic summer beer.

Fish Tale Organic Blonde Ale

Seasonal Summer Beer
American Blonde Ale
4.0% ABV
Fish Brewing Company
Olympia, Washington

Brewers Description of this Organic Summer Beer:

Light bodied and golden, Fish Tale Organic Blonde Ale is a matchless companion to the glories of a Cascadian summer. Brewed with just a schmatering of rye, Organic Blonde sports subtle spicy tones that complement the honey sweetness of its pale malt to a tee.

To balance its deliciously delicate malt character, we brew this Organic seasonal ale with Glacier hops. These impart a savory aromatic finish with just the gentlest tang. Whether served with saucy summer barbecue, or as a thirst quencher in its own right, Fish Tale Organic Blonde Ale perfects the sweet leisure of the summer days. Or nights.

Find Fish Tale Blonde organic summer beer for an afternoon in the shade.

Our Review:

The pour of Fish Tale summer organic beer produces a fizzy dry head that is gone quickly. A light grassy general fruity aroma lifts from the translucent pale orange liquid. Tasting begins with a sharp carbonated kiss that leads to a semi-sweet start. The medium body beer morphs into partly creamy partly spicy favors with a tart, slightly malty, finish.

Fish Tale Organic Blonde Ale is a nice refresher and is a good pick for a sunny afternoon.