Birra summer farmhouse ale is from Prairie Artisan Ales.


Seasonal Summer Beer
Farmhouse Ale
4.5% ABV
Prairie Artisan Ales
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brewers Description of this Summer Farmhouse Ale:

Birra is a light, sessionable farmhouse ale. It is crisp with notes of black pepper and orange and goes perfectly with food.

Birra is a top refreshing summer farmhouse ale for a great evening.

Our Review:

Birra is … moody (in a good way). The flavors that are contained within this hazy orange-yellow liquid are difficult to fully describe. The nose detects strong notes of sweet banana, peach, and yeast. However, tasting discloses flavors that are not always consistent. Initially, an unexpected tartness overwhelms the senses. After adapting, a sweetness is noticeable with some additional spices. The medium bodied summer farmhouse ale eventually comes to a dry finish, but not without a little adventure.

Birra is highly recommended for those that like a little of the unpredictable, yet crave a well crafted refreshing summer beer.