Yellow Kite Summertime Pils should be your next summer beer.

Yellow Kite

Seasonal Summer Beer
European-Style Pilsner
5.25% ABV
Bristol Brewing Company
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Brewers Description of this Summertime Pils:

“Our summer seasonal is not your father’s pilsner. Bright gold in color, this pilsner harkens back to its true European origins with a flavor that’s light and refreshing, yet absolutely memorable. Pilsen barley lends a traditional malt component, while fine Czech and German hops add a nice snap.

Take Yellow Kite Summertime pils beer out on the boat.

Our Review:

This luminous golden elixir releases a light grainy malt aroma. The semi-tart pull is crisp, revealing a medium-carbonated light body. Gradually malt infuses with the initial flavors as it reaches maturity.

Yellow Kite is a rejuvenating beer in the hot summertime. Take time out of your workday to enjoy this summertime pils.