Variety is the spice of life. Cost Plus World Market Summer Brews mix in an assembly of nine impressive seasonal craft beers for the season.

“Our Summer Brews 9 pack highlights the season’s most aromatic and flavorful beers. From beach chairs to backyard barbeques, this selection of nine crisp and refreshing pours is the ideal mix for enjoying the summer.”

World Market Summer Brews variety mix pack of summer beers.

This assembly of 9 warm weather beers is a great introduction to the world of seasonal beers. The sampler pack is also a great opportunity for the seasoned consumer to taste several different new styles without blindly committing to just one.

The 2015 World Market Summer Brews mix includes:

The Summer Brews mix in other regions may be different.

Discover new seasonal beers with World Market’s 2015 Summer Brews.