Flying Dog Woody Creek is a Belgian style summer witbier.

Woody Creek (retired)

Seasonal Summer Beer
4.8% ABV
Flying Dog Brewery
Frederick, Maryland

Brewers Description of this Summer Witbier:

“Woody Creek is a traditional Belgian Wit, which involves brewing it with coriander and orange peel. It is one of the few beers we brew that has more than the four standard ingredients of beer (water, malt, hops, and yeast).”

Flying Dog's summer witbier from Woody Creek Belgian White.

Our Review:

Woody Creek Summer Witbier has a tantalizing murky pale orange appearance with a thick foamy head and a grassy orange aroma. When tasting, the beer almost starts in neutral and picks up in intensity.  As flavors build orange and coriander are introduced. A mild tartness appears in the middle and crescendos with a  semi-spicy finish.

Woody Creek is extremely pleasant and enjoyable to drink relaxing in the shade.