Atwater Whango Mango Wheat Ale summer beer surfer.


Seasonal Summer Beer
Wheat Beer / Fruit Beer
4.9% ABV
Atwater Brewery
Detroit, Michigan

Brewers Description of this Mango Wheat Ale:

“Tropical paradise in a bottle. Get your mouth ready for the perfect balance of mango sweetness and refreshing wheat flavor. Clean and crips on the tongue, fill your vessel with this laid-back sipper and set sail for the Isle of WHANGO. It was brewered to overwhelm but never overpower. Welcome to the jungle, baby.”

Atwater Whango summer mango wheat ale with cool surfer.

Our Review:

Sweet mango nectar pierces the air when Whango is poured. The enticing aroma is administered by a hazy sunset tinted liquid. Robust mango headlines the tasting experience from front to back, as promoted on the marquee. With a strong wheat base, the elevated sweetness is refreshing and not overpowering. A smooth dry finish caps the experience leaving one thirsty for more.

Atwater’s Whango mango wheat ale is a cool summer treat that will make your season brighter.