Big Bay Wavehopper boat beer is an excellent summer kolsch.


Year Round Beer
Kölsch-Style Ale
4.8% ABV
Big Bay Brewing Company
Shorewood, Wisconsin

Brewers Description of this Summer Boat Beer:

“The Kölsch style beer was originally brewed in the Köln area of Germany. Our Wavehopper Kölsch has subtle hop and malty aromas. It’s a light to medium bodied beer with a hint of creaminess brought on by the addition of small amount of wheat. This beer is perfectly balanced for those sunny afternoons on the water”

Enjoy Big Bay's Wavehopper summer boat beer.

Our Review:

The branding of Big Bay Brewing Company is fantastic. The label of each of their beverages unmistakably features warm weather water activities.

Wavehopper boat beer pours with a heavy head and light golden color. The gripping earthy aroma is grainy in nature. This summer beer seems to play on the tongue with a strong tartness that levels out slightly in the mouth. The light hoppy flavor hangs for a while beyond swallowing.

Wavehopper boat beer is a tasty Kolsch which can cap off a perfect summer day on the water.