Tangerine beer is a bright summer seasonal fruit beer.

Tangerine Wheat

Seasonal Summer Beer
Fruit Beer
5% ABV
Lost Coast Brewery
Eureka, California

Brewers Description of this Summer Tangerine Beer:

“A refreshing citrus ale, Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat combines our Lost Coast Harvest Wheat with natural tangerine flavors. Brewed with a combination of wheat and crystal malts, and finished with Perle hops.”

Lost Coast summer Tangerine beer is a really good fruit beer.

Our Review:

The air is filled with a cloud of sweet tangerine after lifting the cap off of this summer beer. Pouring Tangerine creates a head that quickly fizzes away. The color is a dark, cloudy gold with an orange hue. The first taste is more bitter than anticipated, yet heavily spiked with tangerine and a hint of wheat. As the beer warms a little, the flavors mellow out and become less sharp, which is more enjoyable. The carbonation creates a sensation that is more like a soda than a beer.

Tangerine is refreshing, however it does border on becoming a novelty summer beer.