Summer Beer

Discover limited edition seasonal summer beer. These beers are generally released in late Spring, usually May, and sell until the supply is gone. June and July are the hottest months for summer beer, with consumption decreasing in August.

Spiegelau Beer Glasses

Drinking from Spiegelau beer glasses is exceptional for aroma and taste.While we don’t take our tasting too seriously, all of our tastings are done using quality Spiegelau glassware┬ádesigned specifically for beer. Their standard set includes four glasses, each with a different size and shape to maximize the senses. The Spiegelau glass is extremely thin which enhances mouthfeel and tastes. The glass is not porous like standard pint glasses and other barware, allowing the beer to maintain the desired temperature longer.

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Beer and Water
13 years ago

Beer and Water

The primary ingredient in beer is water, right? We take this for granted. So keep in mind that much of the world does not even have clean water to drink, much less premium craft beer. Within the month, we will be starting a campaign to contrast beer and water to raise $5,000 a water well that will provide clean water for 250 people that currently do not have access to clean water!! Read More