grapefruit beer

Illusive Traveler Shandy

Illusive Traveler summer grapefruit shandy beer.
Summer Beer: Illusive Traveler
Brewer: Traveler Beer Company
Location: Burlington, Vermont
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Available: Year Round Beer
Beer Style: Grapefruit Shandy
ABV: 4.4%
SBR Rating:

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Grapefruit Sculpin Summer

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin is a great summer beer.
Summer Beer: Grapefruit Sculpin
Brewer: Ballast Point
Location: San Diego, California
Available: Seasonal Summer Beer
Beer Style: IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 7.0%
SBR Rating:

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Stiegl Summer Radler Beer

Stiegl grapefruit summer radler is one of the best refreshers of the season.
Summer Beer: Stiegl Radler
Brewer: Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg
Location: Austria
Available: Year Round Beer
Beer Style: Summer Radler
Alcohol by Volume: 2.5%
SBR Rating:

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Ruby Redbird Summer Beer

Ruby Redbird summer seasonal beer quenches thirst.
Summer Beer: Shiner Ruby Redbird
Brewer: Spoetzl Brewery
Location: Shiner, Texas
Social: Picture summer beer with Instagram.
Available: Summer Seasonal
Beer Style: Fruit Beer
Alcohol by Volume: 4.01%
SBR Rating:

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