Sunshine wheat beer is cool for hot summer days.

Sunshine Wheat

Year Round Beer
American Pale Wheat Ale
4.8% ABV
New Belgium
Fort Collins, Colorado

Brewers Description of Sunshine Wheat:

“SUNSHINE WHEAT is a great beer for trouncing thirst. Yet, it has a depth of character that inspires a quiet moment’s reflection. Sunshine Wheat swirls in the mouth with ripples of coriander and orange peel tartness, settling nicely into a tranquil sea of apple and honey tones. A filtered wheat beer, Sunshine offers a crisp, refreshing alternative to heavier-bodied heffe-weizens.

Continuing with the love of the great outdoors, we introduced Sunshine Wheat in 12-Packable Cans. From fishing to camping to festivals, now you can take the Sunshine with you.”

Sunshine summer beer is one of the best summer beers.

Our Review:

Sunshine Wheat looks like it’s namesake in a glass, translucent golden chrome topped with a vigorous head. Alluring scents of lemon and wheat taunt the nose while each sip awakens the palate with energetic carbonation. A semi-sweet wheat foundation is subsequently joined by orange and coriander. A perfectly tart finish gives balance to the experience.

Sunshine Wheat is the type of beer that makes you wish summer would never end. It is both light bodied and refreshing with great character. Impressive.