Drink Summer Time Ale when you get off work.

Summer Time Ale (retired)

Seasonal Summer Beer
American Wheat
5.0% ABV
Atwater Block Brewery
Detroit, Michigan

Brewers Description of Summer Time Ale:

“A truly unique representation of the American Wheat style, Atwater’s Summer Time Ale, is a study in refreshing crispness. Vienna malt brings a distinct snap to the finish with dark wheat flavors lightly present. The hot wort is briefly exposed to ground lemon peel and grains of paradise which provide a tidy lemon, citrus finish.

Summer Time Ale is a good summer seasonal beer.

Our Review:

A surprising deep amber color generates a light head which traces the perimeter of the glass. A pungent lemon and wheat combination permeate the air. Summer Time Ale has a gentle commencement but quickly introduces malty, almost nutty, flavor. Toward the back the lemon becomes the predominant component. The beer has a medium body but is still quite refreshing.

Take a load off this evening with a Summer Time Ale from Atwater.