Try a Summer Squeeze summer citrus beer from Bridgeport Brewing this season.

Summer Squeeze Bright Ale

Seasonal Summer Beer
American Blonde Ale
4.5% ABV
BridgePort Brewing Company
Portland, Oregon

Brewers Description of this Summer Citrus Beer:

“Meet your new Summer Squeeze.™ The refreshing brew infused with lemongrass and yuzu, the exotic asian citrus fruit. The result is bright and crisp with a complex citrus finish. Perfect for hot summer days.”

Summer Squeeze is a fruit beer enhanced with lemon.

Our Review:

The label of Summer Squeeze Bright Ale just looks fun and appetizing. In pouring this summer citrus beer the head quickly disappears. The fruity beer is a clear dark golden color with a medium strength aroma that is fresh with lemmongrass and floral scents. Taste reveals a mild lemon tartness. The back is heavier with a lackluster bready character.