Refreshing Breckenridge summer bohemian pilsner.

Summer Pils

Seasonal Summer Beer
Summer Bohemian Pilsner
5% ABV
Breckenridge Brewery
Breckenridge, Colorado

Brewers Description of this Bohemian Pilsner:

“Summer Pils is a Bohemian style Pilsner featuring Saaz hops grown in the Czech Republic and American malts grown in the Pacific Northwest. Using traditional pilsner brewing practices, we ensure a delicately balanced beer with a soft, rounded mouthfeel. Saaz hops impart a pleasant aroma that’s earthy and floral while lending spicy flavor characteristics and a crisp, dry finish. The end result is a light yet complex, well-balanced and refreshing summertime delight.¬†“

Summer Pils summer Bohemian pilsner from Breckenridge Brewing.

Our Review:

This summer bohemian pilser exhibits a clear golden complexion with a momentary bubbly head. A grassy aroma summons a medium body earthy pilsner with a grainy base. In the end the experience is quite enjoyable.

Summer Pils is brimming with sunshine. Keep a bottle of this bohemian pilsner handy for a cloudy day.