Stag Lager is the signature St. Kitts beer.

Stag Lager

Year Round Beer
American Adjunct Lager
5.5% ABV
Carib Brewery Limited
St. Kitts & Nevis

Brewers Description of this St. Kitts Beer:

Stag Lager beer – a beer of consistent quality with a distinct, slightly bitter European profile, conveys strength, individualism and masculinity. Its personality is one that is strong-minded, educated, youthful, passionate and positive, motivating consumers to conquer challenges and live life to the fullest – to become the ultimate male, full of power, strength and control.

Stag is the preferred beer for the youthful and masculine, who are strong-minded, active, outgoing, interested in sports and enjoys socializing – “Living life to its fullest.” Its reputation for providing consistent quality and distinct superb great taste, sought by young adult males, earns this beer the legend – A Man’s Beer.

Find Stag St. Kitts beer on the beaches of Caribbean.

Our Review:

Stag is a little difficult to swallow. It has a pungent taste that less appealing than other Caribbean beers.