Drinking from Spiegelau beer glasses is exceptional for aroma and taste.While we don’t take our tasting too seriously, all of our tastings are done using quality Spiegelau glassware¬†designed specifically for beer. Their standard set includes four glasses, each with a different size and shape to maximize the senses. The Spiegelau glass is extremely thin which enhances mouthfeel and tastes. The glass is not porous like standard pint glasses and other barware, allowing the beer to maintain the desired temperature longer.

The shape of each glass is designed for head maintenance and to deliver maximum aroma to the nose.

We are convinced that proper glassware elevates the beer drinking experience. Even the most subtle characteristic of a beer can be detected with the Spiegelau glasses.

The tall wide glass is specified for wheat beers, but works great with several other styles including hefeweizens. The tall thin pilsner is great for lighter beers like kölsch. The medium height lager glass is also great with pale ales and IPAs. The short tulip is nice with most any style, but especially shines with dark beers like stouts or porters.