New Belgium summer craft beer Somersault is a hit.

Somersault Ale (retired)

Seasonal Summer Craft Beer
American Blonde Ale
5.2% ABV
New Belgium Brewing
Fort Collins, Colorado

Brewers Description of this Summer Craft Beer:

“Somersault Ale was designed to be a fun roll around on the tongue while requiring only the minimum of palate gymnastics. In other words, this perfect summer lounge around beer is ridiculously fun and easy to drink. Even though the second Somersault goes down as effortlessly the first, our brewer Grady actually has quite a few remarkable notes at play in the nose, flavor and mouthfeel. There is an opening brace of citrus aroma from Centennial hops, a soft apricot fruitiness tucked into the flavor, a fresh snap from a sliver of ginger root, finished with oats in a long cool mash. Color is blonde with a suggestion of cloudiness. Somersaults all around!”

Order a Somersault summer beer the next time you are out on the town.

Our Review:

Colorado is great in the summer. It usually is just a little cooler than the rest of the heat-ravished country. Plus, Colorado is filled with people who love nature and being outside. Like the state from which it is made, this summer craft beer is fantastic. Instantly a light, yet fresh, aroma from Somersault Ale grabs you with a citrus and malt. The color displayed was light and mostly clear with quickly diminishing, yet ever-present, head. This summer craft beer is packed with strong flavors. There are layers that unfold in the mouth. A tart start with hints of orange is followed by a stronger citrus that peaks toward the middle and levels out on the finish. Somersault Ale is also robust enough to drink with some of your favorite summer meals. Overall, Somersault Ale will be a crowd-pleaser for those who enjoy strong tart ales and craft beer.

Enjoy this summer craft beer relaxing on the patio on a casual weekend.