Enjoy Solstice Wit summer beer this season.

Solstice Wit

Summer Beer
5% ABV
Berghoff Brewery
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Brewers Description of this Wit Summer Beer:

“Wit, or “white” beers—so-called for their hazy appearance—are a grand old family of beers that date back a thousand years in Northern Europe. Their longevity is justified; witbiers are complex, yet subtle, dry, but creamy and always delightfully drinkable. Solstice is a carefully updated classic that starts with the traditional mix of super-pale 6-row malt, unmalted wheat and oats, giving the classic hazy appearance and rich creaminess on the palate. We use a specially selected coriander and an exotic Asian citrus called calamansi for a bright, tantalizing nose; a dash of hops add another layer of aroma. And, as with any good witbier, it is unfiltered.

Be on top of the world with Berghoff's Solstice Wit summer beer.

Our Review:

Solstice Wit summer beer dispenses with an appealing cloudy tangerine physique with very little head. Robust citrus and coriander notes rise from the surface. A pleasing smooth semi-sweet unfiltered wheat draw transitions into even stronger flavors on the back. A complimentary unidentifiable fruit (which is probably calamansi, tasting somewhat orange-like) surfaces in conjunction with a mild tartness.

Pack Solstice Wit summer beer in your bag for your next trip to the mountains. Enjoy the fresh air and this refreshing beer.