Madtree Sol Drifter is a refreshing summer strawberry beer.

Sol Drifter

Seasonal Summer Beer
American Blonde Ale Strawberry Beer
4.3% ABV
Madtree Brewing Co.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Brewers Description of this Strawberry Beer:

“A refreshing blonde ale made for extended periods of drinking during summer days well into the evening. With copious amounts of New Zealand Motueka hops lending lemon and lime notes, Sol Drifter ends with a crisp and tart strawberry finish.”

Sol Drifter from Mad Hat is the summer seasonal beer.

Our Review:

Madtree’s Sol Drifter administers a fresh strawberry aroma with a hint of lime from a clear gold base and a clamoring head. The nice, somewhat bready, pull rounds into a light bodied beer with a sweet hoppy tart balance. Within that mix a delicate strawberry flavor appeases the palate.

The artistic Sol Drifter is crafted for days when the heat intensifies. Find yourself drifting through the summer.