Mother's Skip Day summer session IPA is your next seasonal beer.

Skip Day (retired)

Seasonal Summer Beer
Summer Session IPA
3.9% ABV
Mother’s Brewing Company
Springfield, Missouri

Brewers Description of this Summer Session IPA:

“Deep golden in color and light bodied, our Session IPA has just a touch of malt sweetness. Floral hop aromas evoke hints of stone fruit and passionfruit that combine for the perfect excuse to take a skip day!”

Use a Skip Day to drink a summer session IPA beer.

Our Review:

This colonial maple tinted elixir produces an active, yet fleeting, head. The pour emits a hoppy aroma laced with a hint of caramel sweetness. Skip Day summer session IPA maintains a mild personality, highlighted by a bready start and hop punch finale. With a low alcohol percentage, the affair is relatively level front to back and is easy on the palate.

Make Skip Day your companion on a quiet afternoon float trip or evening laughing with friends.